Hotel Alliance

Having trouble competing with the big brands? Join our hotel alliance and have a single voice. Reduce cost of sale, increase profit and customer satisfaction.

KAI - eConcierge

Still using traditional way to sell your F&B, Spa, and Activities? You will lose the opportunities to engage with Millennials. Our KAI - eConcierge solution will empower you to digitize your non-room products and services, you will have more chances to engage with your next generation guests.

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Cross-industry Partnerships

Be an independent hotel, it is hard to set up collaboration with cross-industry partners. Work with us to expand your business to more cross-industry partners, you will create your hotel awareness and at the same time get more business.

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Why build your own CRM system when you can leverage on our turnkey solutions at no cost? Take control of your customers’ database today and start the journey of providing personalized service to differentiate your hotel. Reward your loyal customers with an amazing loyalty program and give them a reason to keep booking at your hotel.

Global Sales & Marketing Representation

Feeling difficult to develop a new market? By using our Global Sales & Marketing Representation service in emerging markets, you will link up with more business opportunities and get more direct business.

GDS/CRS/Booking Engine

It is too expensive to have them? We will connect your hotel to GDS at an affordable price to distribute your rates and inventory to over 700,000 travel agents worldwide. You will immediately have your SaaS CRS/Booking Engine at a competitive price.