Engage Your Guests Even Before Their Arrival

The Guest Experience Starts Prior to Arrival
Making sure the guests feel welcome is one of the most responsibility of a hotelier. But the guest experience should not be confined within the property. Even before the guests’ arrival, you should market your hotel facilities and even pre-sell your products to them.

Pre-Arrival Emails 

Prior to the guests’ arrival, hotels can prepare informative emails to help the guests know the property better. A good example will be a Pre-Arrival email, with the room confirmation and booking details of the guest(s). The email can contain information on Check-in timing, available amenities at the property, the shuttle service schedule, the local weather etc… You can also market your current promotion and up-sell / cross-sell to the guests.

Personalise Your Communication

Emphasize a guest’s individuality and try to recommend relevant offers. Address the guests by their real names, and highlight the attractions or promotions that will be enticing to them.

Example: Pre-sell Romantic dinner at the hotel restaurant for couples / Offers information on Kid’s pool and Playground for a family with children.

Pre-sell Your Products

Generate interest of hotel’s non-room products like Spa services or F&B through the pre-arrival email.

Share the current promotions and hotel facilities so that your guests have a better idea of what the hotel offers.

Hyperlink the images to a selling platform like our eConcierge so the guests can purchase the deals directly!

Post-Stay – Reviews & Encourage Return

Send an email to get to know the guests’ satisfaction level of the hotel. Find out what went well, and what not. Address the issues the guest faced and extend your service even after the check-out. You can also make use of tools like TripAdvisor Review Express to gather more feedback, especially the positive ones. Make sure to put a link to your social media platforms too. Get the guests to review the hotel’s service and share their experience.

A post-stay email can also include a special deal for the guests for their return stay in future. Build a long-term relationship with the guests and there will be a good chance for them to recommend the hotel to their family and friends.

For more information on our eConcierge service, or the TripAdvisor Review Express for our existing partners on YourHotelRewards, do feel free to contact us.