Cross-industry Partnership

MilesHub Technology is an innovative technology and service company focusing on Sales Services and Data Integration Technology in hotels and tourism related areas. MilesHub Technology is a sister company of Yearth Group in Singapore and is responsible for Yearth’s business in China, including hospitality, travel and attractions. MilesHub Technology uses advanced booking engine and channel integration technology, by connecting to Yearth’s integrated marketing platform and global sales offices, it helps Chinese hotels and attractions expanding global market. Meanwhile, MilesHub Technology and Yearth also help overseas travel brands developing China market. Chinese travelers will get various travel information and valuable travel products.

The core team members of MilesHub Technology are from both aviation and hotel industries in different countries. In the future, MilesHub Technology will leverage its cross-industry integration experience to provide more business opportunities for hotels, theme parks and tourist attractions. While enhancing its direct sales channels, MilesHub Techonology will help enterprises to enrich and optimize channel combinations to achieve better returns .

Our Mission

 Provide international tourism resources to cross-industry partners.

Help China hotel brands and attractions expanding overseas market

Connect overseas tourism resource with China market